How do you measure your finger size for a ring?

It’s highly likely that at one point in your life you will wear a ring of a kind, so you will need to know your finger size be it for you, a gift from our collections or for a bespoke ring. Us ladies generally like any excuse to wear a ring such as a dress ring or for monumental events in life you may be given an engagement ring, wedding ring or eternity ring. Gentlemen are also known to wear a decorative ring, a wedding ring or even a signet ring to represent a family crest. With all these milestones and chosen rings it’s always a nicer feeling when you get the ring size correct first time.  

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Of course when presenting a gift or engagement ring you normally present it with your best guess in size. One way around this is to take another ring which is worn on the same finger to a jeweller for them to measure and then you order your ring based on that size. The worst case scenario if the size is incorrect is that the chosen ring can be altered in size or returned for a different size in stock. Generally for bespoke and fine jewellery pieces a jeweller will alter the existing piece. If the item is silver or where jewellers carry more stocks it is likely they will just change the ring for the different finger size.  

A Jewellers Ring Size Stick

 The tool Origin 31 uses to measure a clients ring to get the correct finger size
If the bespoke or fine jewellery piece is too big or small your jeweller should have already discussed with you about possible sizing. Some contemporary designs you can alter only a couple of sizes, others you can size up to 8 sizes. It all depends on the complexity and pattern of the ring. The size itself can be specific, even to 1/4 of a size i.e. 1 1/4  sizes up. We have seen clients just wanting to size a ring only half a size, that is all, that will not make a difference on the finger and for that you are putting the ring through unnecessary processes (in some cases unnecessary risks too). To us goldsmiths that is merely one saw cut to the metal… a miniscule amount.   When sizing your finger bear in mind there are different gauges your jeweller can use to best represent the heaviness of your ring. The wider the ring the tighter the same size feels when compared to a ring sizer of a finer thickness. There are times when you need to combine the two. A signet ring has a standard shank but a wider head, often you find the size that fits you in both the wider and standard gauge ring sizers and then take an average.
Heavy Gauge Finger Sizers
The Heavy ring sizers Origin 31 uses to measure a clients finger for a wide ring
Standard Gauge Ring Sizers
 The standard gauge ring sizers Origin 31 uses to measure a clients finger for a standard weight of ring
Images courtesy of Cookson Gold
Lastly silver collections, it is well documented the most common finger sizes and so most companies will carry stocks to enable you to exchange the item easily.  See the link for some ring size conversions into other countries sizes e.g UK to US and vice versa.  If you wanted to treat yourself to a piece just pop into any jeweller and just ask to get your finger sized, if they have good customer service they should be only too pleased to help.  
When trying on any of the ring sizers you need to relax your hands (make them floppy) as there are muscles in your hand.  There are two points which you need to bear in mind;
  1. You don't want a ring so tight it constricts the blood flow
  2. You don't want a ring that when you put hand cream on your hands, the ring would then fly off.
You need a combination of the two and you will find a size that is comfortable.  Us ladies are notorious for boney kuckles, the bad news is that your ring needs to get over that part and rest on the smaller fleshy area beneath.  When resting on this flesh you may find the ring a bit loose and swivels.  Unfortunately you would only be able to cope with a certain amount of pressure before causing you pain to get a smaller ring over your knuckle.  You are fighting a losing battle... your knuckles will always be boney.  Do not panic when trying on smaller bands if you do get them over the knuckle and you can get them off, jewellers carry hand cream just for these circumstances.  The ring will come off.  The more rings you try on the hotter your hands get and the more they swell.... So just..... RELAX.  
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So whatever situation you are in; just started looking for a ring or have an incorrect finger size it is normally very straight forward to resolve that situation to get a ring to fit nice and securely on your finger. 
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