7 Facts About Alexandrite

If you were born between May 21st and June 20th Gemini is your zodiac sign. The Gemini birthstone is Alexandrite.  Alexandrite is also the birthstone for babies born in the month of June. So here is a little bit about this unusual stone;    
  • Originally found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in the 1830’s hence the stone is named after a Russian Tsar Alexander II. He found the stone very appealing as the gem contains the same colours as their military uniform, very patriotic. After the Russian mines, deposits have now been found in Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil.
  • It is part of the Chrysoberyl family, cat’s eye is also part of the family but could not be more different to Alexandrite if it tried.
  • Alexandrite, the gemini birthstone, is also the gem to represent the 55th wedding anniversary, a concept which we can use to create you own custom one of a kind bespoke jewel.

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  • The gemstone is very unusual as it is chameleon like. Some say it appears emerald by day and ruby by night in order for the stone to be more romantic and story tale like. You can also view different colours from different angles. Although the stone is said to be emerald or ruby in colour it is in fact much softer muted hues. The exact colour descriptions for the green is ‘grassy moss green’ and for the ruby its more ‘brownish purple’
  • It was Tiffany who are one of the main companies to bring it into people’s horizons, they utilised the stone is some captivating designs which drew the crowds in and Alexandrite became even more in demand.
  • Due to its rarity and the chameleon colour change, when set in custom one of a kind jewellery this stone tends to be the focal point within the design. Very rarely would you see it used around the edge, or as pave, or even in mass produced items.
  • Due to its changing colours it is said the wearer of the stone has balance of the spiritual and physical worlds, it brings harmony, warmth and healing attributes.
The Dual Colours Seen In Alexandrite

Origin 31 displays and image of the colour change of the Alexandrite stoneImage courtesy of www.gia.edu   As you know Jennifer House Jewellery are fans of anything Mother Nature can throw at you. With this colour change gem, what a fantastic stone to design jewellery around. Just off the top of our head we would focus in on the chameleon aspect, create a jewellery design that is not as it seems; from one view you get one image, from a different angle you would get a contrast. If you would like to see an alexandrite in the flesh and looking for a custom one of a kind jewel piece then just contact us.

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