How to pick your chain length?

Having different chain lengths are a great help as we always take great delight in having a varied wardrobe. When different necklines are worn different jewels are worn with different chain lengths that best compliment that outfit. It is an easy option to create customised jewellery or for an extra detail in a bespoke jewel. Here is a guide on where different chain lengths hang.  


An Illustration To Show Where Different Chain Lengths Lie


Origin 31 advice on where jewellery pendants hang, what chain length would suit you

One of the standard length chains are available in 16 inches. 16 inches lie just at the base of the neck just beneath the boney bits. This length is normally appropriate for most items of clothing like t-shirts, but it would be a bit too short for a polo neck.  

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You can get a shorter length of 15 inches or even 14 inches. This would be a choker style. You would wear a velvet choker at this length.  We personally love this style as it enhances the sensual area of the neck and the beautiful curves of a woman’s body.   

18 inches is another very common length for ethical necklaces, a good mid-point on the chest and a very comfortable all round length that could be worn with any neckline. If you were looking for a present this would be a very safe length to buy as it goes with the majority of necklines.  

22 inches is quite a suggestive length as it lies on the tip of the décolletage or cleavage. So needless to say draws attention in to that area, perfect for being a bit of a tease on a date or if wearing a polo neck this lengths creates a relaxed vibe.  

26 inches or longer is long enough to pull over the head. It doesn’t require a clasp to open and close in order to put it on. This length achieves more of a casual boho style of look if you wanted something relaxed for everyday wear, or throw it on in seconds if you have to run out of the house.  Sienna Miller is famed for this look.  

We made the decision  not to follow fast fashion and create surplus stock.  We mostly create exactly what our clients want, this method is far more sustainable, which is why we often don't charge for any colour changes of our ethical necklaces.  Our goldsmiths in Surrey and London are able to handmake to your request and any chain length you would like, you just need to tell us how you want your customised jewellery.

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