Jewellery Advice For Us; A Moment To Reflect

Jewellery Advice For Us, Looking Inwards

We strive to educate and give jewellery advice to our followers but at times we need to reflect inwards.  In these strange and unusual times we find ourselves gifted with some time to reflect on whether we doing enough to have the best jewellery ethics, and become the sustainable business we want to be? 

Recognising Privileges And That We Are Friends

We certainly recognise and understand that we posses an amount of privilege.  It’s part of who we are as a result of being born into a system which unfortunately, creates a belief that certain cultural aspects have advantages such as gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability and place of birth.   These can result in benefits such as better access to education, employment etc.  But know that we are friends.  Friends do not discriminate.  We can and aim to use our privilege for good.


Jewellery Ethics ; What We Champion

We are able to shape our future and from where we started to now whilst we have tried to be as inclusive as possible we can definitely do more.  We have the ability to bring about change, raise awareness and be an advocate for diversity and inclusion from every angle of our business.  We can promote the benefits of diversity and support those who do not benefit from the same advantage.

Friendship and Inclusivity in the Jewellery Trade

We are motivated to continuously learn and engage in uncomfortable conversations with people from underrepresented groups. This, in turn, leads us to a more collaborative and inclusive approach to how we do things.  We hope this approach will help lead the jewellery trade to being more creative and more inclusive in the future. Just like our approach we have towards our clients, we have a welcoming attitude seeking to help those who need jewellery advice and information.  We will continue to act on the above and seek out opportunities like mentorship, social events, focus groups to promote an inclusive culture and abide by our jewellery ethics.


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