The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

Wedding anniversary jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate the person we have chosen to spend our lives with. Showing your appreciation to your partner by way of a jewellery gift is the perfect heartfelt (and maybe expected!) gesture. Traditionally linked with things like paper, clocks, or ceramics, in modern and more prosperous times anniversary gift trends, especially on the big milestones, have shifted toward jewellery gifts and precious objects. As well as being symbolised by both traditional and more modern gifts, each anniversary also has a colour and a gemstone associated with it. Here at Jennifer House Jewellery, all these can serve as inspiration for a multitude of bespoke jewellery ideas for wedding anniversaries.  

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts;
Celebrate A wedding anniversary with a jewellery gift such as bespoke jewellery


So, without further ado – here are the stones and colours associated with some of the major anniversary years: 

5 Years Silver jewellery is perfect to celebrate the five-year milestone, punctuated with the light and breezy tones of blue, pink or turquoise. Sapphire, turquoise, and rose quartz can make for a quirky and individual gift, a point of difference to the likely more traditional wedding and engagement pieces.

10 Years On the tenth wedding anniversary, we traditionally give diamond jewellery, and the colours associated with this anniversary are silver and blue. Alternative stones are crystal, onyx and green tourmaline. Our Blue Sapphire and Diamond white gold waterfall pendant covers all aspects for your ten year anniversary  

A One of a Kind Jewellery Gift;  Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
Bespoke sapphire and diamond necklace custom made

20 Years On the 20th wedding anniversary, many choose to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their partner with platinum. The gemstone normally associated with this anniversary is the classic emerald.

50 Years What else to celebrate this huge milestone than gold. Often reflective of the original wedding bands, like the 20 Year anniversary the 50th can be used to restate and recommit to our love for that special person. Alternatively design a bespoke jewellery piece, truly for her like this eye catching Tsavorite and Black opal cluster ring set in ethical yellow and white gold.  

Bespoke Jewellery;  An Opal and Tsavorite Cluster Ring

Opal and tsavorite garnet hand made cluster ring

If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, congratulations. Why not consider a one of a kind piece of bespoke jewellery, create your own jewellery gift to show your love, tell a story and celebrate the years together? No one knows your partner better than you do – together we can work to create a piece which is perfect for their character, style and a true sense of personalisation. Our experienced designers will be able to take your ideas and inspiration to craft a fine piece of jewellery in our Surrey or London Workshops which is unique, special, and imbued with personality and meaning. Getting planning for that special day, and get in touch!

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