The Promise Ring Meaning

The promise ring meaning has changed over a long period. Believe it or not promise rings have been around since Roman times to be exact.  In the 2nd century BC it was the law of the Romans that stated couples must await a certain duration before they announce their engagement, hence they wore a 'promise ring'. to signify this duration, whilst waiting for their marriage.  To bring this promise ring concept up to modern times we have such celebrities like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers who have been seen wearing promise rings to represent their beliefs and commitment to chastity. Times have obviously evolved since Roman times to become a much more open concept.  A promise ring mean can be represented in a number of sentimental situation, Jennifer House Jewellery has promise rings for every occasion such as;

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Commitment rings

For those who know their partner is the one but isn’t quite ready to walk down the aisle but want to show commitment to each other then a commitment ring is the perfect promise ring to show your feelings. We represent this with the Love You Love Hearts Ring as a constant declaration of your feelings when worn on the finger.  Alternatively our One Love Commitment Ring depicts two hands making a heart, you and your significant other.

Promise Rings Represented With A Commitment RingA One Love Commitment Ring From Our Promise Rings CollectionProposal rings

We have had many clients approach us confused with how to get the perfect engagement ring or restricted on time as the proposal is imminent! Some choose to release the pressure and choose to design the one engagement ring with their partner after the actual proposal to make the journey together but need a symbolic promise ring for when they actually pop the question, a memento of that special event.  A proposal ring is the best promise ring to solve all those problems.  

When you were a child did you ever pretend with a Haribo ring that you are popping the question or receiving it as an engagement ring well we bought that life with our version of the Haribo Ring handmade in solid silver and enamel.  Recognise the iconic British sweet the Love Hearts? We have immortalise the design in solid gold and created a selection of pieces including the Love Hearts Marry Me Ring. The perfect proposal ring for when you haven’t quite got the words.

The Marry Me Proposal Ring worn as a Promise Ring
Haribo Ring To Wear As A Promise RingFriendship rings

The promise ring meaning here is something for a different kind of love; for your mother, for your sister or for your best friend letting them know you will always be there for them through thick and thin. Our Pinky Promise Ring says just that depicted bye the hand gesture recreate with such a friend when worn on the finger it’s a constant reminder of the promise you made when you gifted it or to bring a smile to your friends face.  Gift a Bestie Love Hearts Necklace, a talisman they can wear with any outfit as a to make them think  of you, to make a promise need not always be immortalised in a ring.

A Friendship Necklace Instead Of a Friendship Ring Our Pinky Promise Ring Perfect For A Promise Ring Gift 

What is the promise ring finger to wear the ring on? 

There is no set rule on which finger is the promise ring finger, you wear it how you like it.  You might think that a proposal ring serves its purpose best when worn on the fourth finger of the left hand; the wedding finger.  As for the others; the commitment rings or the friendship rings, well it’s completely personal preference and what you find comfortable.  I wear my pinky promise friendship ring just like my bestie which is on the pinky finger. I wear it all day every day and it reminds me of the fun times we had back at university (many years ago).


How do you give a loved one a promise ring?

Just like choosing the right moment, the right place at the right time to present an engagement ring, presenting a sentimental promise ring can present the same challenges but all I would say is it’s a sentimental ring so pick a sentimental moment place to truly make someone’s day week or even year.


Ultimately what is the promise ring meaning?

All in all the promise ring meaning is a celebration of love between two people whatever form of love, that’s your choice.   Promise rings help celebrate a special moment or a special bond between you two and serves as that constant reminder of love throughout the hard times and good times.Shop promise rings uk made for her and for him

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